I do not have kittens with the mark of "Show"tak as "Shou"zhivotnykh you must grow.

      Show-quality-ot English show-zrelische,pokazyvat'.The highest level and highest quality is so designated.These zoons are intended for exhibitions and pedigree work.Accordingly -eto prestige and dear zoons. Zoons, fully proper a standard, having a minimum of failings and none vice-it is a standard of breed, belong here.
      Brid quality of /breed quality/- from English breed-breed. The zoons of this category are intended mainly for pedigree work. Professional factory-owners examine in this group only lady-cats, because  for pedigree work use cats, only show of quality.        Zoon áðèä-qualities-it is a healthy lady-cat with wonderful genealogy, having a few failings and used in breeding. It can be successfully proposed, but can not count on the highest title. Similar 
      Pet-quality of /pet-quality/- from English Pet- favourite. Cats and lady-cats of the lowest quality or having serious failings fall into this category.Such zoons are not used in pedigree work, must cost below than all other These lady-cats similarly are a pedigree, but become simply favourites in a monogynopaedium, not applying on an exhibition career,reliable, comfort delivery( due to a buyer(!!!)) is possible Habitants of othercities . 




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